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In order to create a better understanding of the Indonesian Floriculture Industry and it’s numerous products & opportunities,  ASBINDO is involved in various promotion activities nationally as well as  internationally.

If you have specific questions regarding floriculture in Indonesia do not hesitate to contact us.

Focus Group Discussion: Sinergy of Green City (8th Agrinex)


Agrinex 8th has been held on 28-30 March 2014. One of interesting agenda in relation to the issue of the development of green city is the " Focus Group Discussion : Building Green City Synergy " . Focus group discussion was organized by Agrinex in collaboration with the Directorate General of Spatial Planning Ministry of Public Works, by inviting representatives of the city which participate on Green City Development Program (P2KH) and business people related to green city. Karen Tambayong (Green City Commission Chairman AIPH) became a moderator, in this discussion, resource persons are Endra Saleh (Head of Sub Urban Jakstra, Directorate of Urban), Dr . Ir . Ani Andayani (Director Floriculture Cultivation and Postharvest), and Glenn Pardede (chairman ASBINDO)

Agrinex, FGD Green City

On this occasion, Glenn Pardede explain the possible relationship between the central government, city/county participant of P2KH, business (private sector), and associations. ASBINDO as the only floriculture organization that partners with the government is ready to become a consultant if the construction of the nursery in order to support green city in each city/county is important and become a necessity.



Nursery Visit: Benara Nurseries Indonesia


Visit to ASBINDO Member PT Benar Flora Utama

benara Nurseries IndonesiaASBINDO is organising regular nursery visit. Trips to companies of the members to learn from each other, share information and strengthen relationships. The first trip in 2014 was a visit to  PT Benar Flora Utama (also known as Benara Nurseries Indonesia) on 27 March 2011. A nursery of 30 hectare that produces about 600 types of plants and is located at the Karawang Regency.

On that visit also held interactive discussion about preparation in facing ASEAN Economic Community 2015. Please download the file below for a summary of the trip.

Benara Logo

Download File
Download this file (Kunjungan Benara 2014.pdf)Nursery Visit Benara Nurseries Indonesia 2014[Kunjungan ke Benara Nurseries Indonesia 2014]310 Kb3218 Downloads

ASBINDO Gathering - Melrimba Garden


To strengthen the relationship and support business of members, ASBINDO held gathering for members. Gathering that held on 25 February take place at Melrimba Garden. On this occasion members also get the new idea and inspiration in doing floriculture business. 

ASBINDO Gathering-Melrimba ASBINDO Gathering Melrimba

This event start at 10.00 am. All the participant walk on walking track area, enjoy the natural scene and the plants. Participants also have an opportunity to see plant collection at Melrimba Garden's nursery. On that nursery showed unique, beautiful, and creative plant parcels.

After walking on track area, all participant get new idea, information, and motivation about floriculture business especially ornamental plant and landscape plant. James Lumbanradja, Managing Derector of PT Benar Flora Utama(Benara Nurseries) state that Indonesia's ornamental plants is more tough than other country has, because it can stand on many climate. Based on the experience of Benara Nurseries, the needs of plant is increasing parallel with the awareness about green living and green lifestyle. 

Member gathering is closed after participants have lunch with Indonesian unique food and exchange gift among the participants. 

Download File
Download this file (ASBINDO Gathering-Melrimba Garden.pdf)ASBINDO Gathering-Melrimba Garden.pdf[ASBINDO Gathering-Melrimba Garden]330 Kb209 Downloads

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