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Green Article

What are needs and the progress of Green City and the green movement in Indonesia? Regarding Green Services that initiated by ASBINDO, there are a lot of information that should be considered during developing Green City. ASBINDO is trying to give the best information and we would like to share them with you on this page.

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Sharing Experience: Production of Menta as an Aromatic Herb Potted Plant


During the pandemic, interest in gardening and collecting ornamental plants grew very rapidly. Aromatic herbs in pots have the potential to be used as indoor ornamental plants to be placed on kitchen windows, balconies or patios. Plants that are not too large are generally more desirable, especially for urban people who live in limited-sized apartments. Aromatic herbs are sold in supermarkets in America, Europe and Australia.

Menta, or mint (Mentha piperita L.) is a species of plant from the Lamiaceae family. Menta was developed to produce the essential oil 'menthol' which is abundant in the leaves and stems. The aroma of Menta leaves placed in the room is very refreshing. Menta leaves are consumed, giving a cold feeling from the menthol component, as we feel when chewing Mentos candy. Menta leaves are also used to give flavor to drinking water (infused water), in hot chocolate, and as a food freshener and decoration/garnish. Menta leaves can generally be picked continuously, except when the plant begins to flower (the taste and texture of the leaves change as the plant blooms). However, in tropical conditions Menta generally does not flower.

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Young Work


Young Entrepreneurship is the most discussed topic among professionals and the general public. Being a millennial farmer should be able to provide many benefits for the environment. Such as opening job vacancies and even providing foreign exchange for the country. As a millennial farmer, you must prepare yourself by continuing to learn for the future. Modern information and communication technology provides a number of information from various fields, which are shaped by different views, attitudes, and interests and highly demand the ability to be environmentally oriented. Everything that has been learned will be very supportive for the development of the business that is being worked on.

CV. Ranata Nursery houses several people as a group of millennial farmers who are engaged in the export of ornamental plants and one of the owners was chosen as the Millennial Farmer Ambassador by the Ministry of Agriculture.

CV. Ranata Nursery has been exporting for six years and started an export business for cactus and succulent commodities. A lot of valuable experience is gained in managing employees, business practices and networking with consumers in other parts of the world. This experience becomes the capital to run a leaf ornamental plant business (Araceae) such as: Alocasia, Agalonema, Anthurium, Homalomena, Philodendron, Rhaphidopora, Syngonium etc.

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Environmentally Friendly Approach to Sustainable Agriculture (Series 1)


Since its introduction, more environmentally friendly and sustainable farming methods have not found momentum as a commensurate alternative to conventional farming methods. Conventional methods rely on protocols and procedures that use more inorganic inputs and other synthetic materials. The wide application of this method is shown by the easy access to various production inputs which are even available even in remote places and the almost instant effect of their use.

However, the disruption of the natural balance in production centers due to the accumulation and excessive use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides makes the addition of these inputs less significant in terms of production output. The increase in production began to be out of balance with the additional costs. There is diminishing returns.

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Beautiful and Unique Catasetum Orchid


Catasetum is one type of epiphytic orchid (plants that live by way of living on other plants). This type of orchid is found in the Americas with the highest number of species in Brazil.

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