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Coelogyne pandurata


Coelogyne pandurata

Coelogyne pandurataDescription

This plant is a species of orchid that native Borneo. Based on Indonesian Government Regulation no. 7 of 1999 this species is included into the protected plant. Black orchids are epiphyt orchids. The spread of this plant genus is on Borneo and Sumatra, the habitat of life in old trees near the river in the primary forest (high relative humidity). This plant can be propagated by vegetative and generative.The color of flowers are pale green and has black tongue. This plant will bloom 4-5 times a month with a long blooming flowers ± 7 days


How to care

Watering orchids can be done twice a day (morning and afternoon) when the plants are young, then pretty watered once a day. This plant fertilizer twice a month. Coelogyne pandurata needs 

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