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ASBINDO is very active in and outside Indonesia. Every year various exhibitions, seminars and conferences are attended and the ASBINDO organisation itself is a member of a variety of associations and commitees among which:

AIPH (International Association of Horticultural Producers)  logo Dewan Sumber Daya Air Nasional logo IPBIlogo kadinlogo aiph

KADIN (Kamar Dagang Indonesia)

Dewan Sumber Daya Air Nasional       

Ikatan Perangkai Bunga Indonesia                                                            


INDF project

From 2010-2012 ASBINDO is the local leading partner in the so called INDF project. A project that has been developed to strengthen the Indonesian flower sector. An important part of this project is the development of a practical training curriculum on floriculture and short training courses on key issues for the development of ASBINDO members, non members and other stakeholders.

The ASBINDO organization receives also support to provide new relevant services for Indonesian flower producers, traders and small growers, and support to take the lead in policy development and to improve the ASBINDO role in various (inter)national flower forums.

The project has been made possible by the EVD (Dutch gouvernment). Project partners are: ASBINDO, IPB, PTC+ and HBAG.

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Future partners        

Do you want to create a joint activity with ASBINDO? Do you want us to co-operate with your organisation? We are always interested in brainstorming on new ideas and opportunities that would benefit the floriculture sector in general and our members in specific. Keep in mind there should always be a win-win situation for both parties.  Do not hesitate to contact our office to plan a meeting.  Click here to leave us a message.