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What are the latest trends in Floriculture nationally as well as internationally? All trends start small, but once they mature, they might grow into new products that are used by large amounts of people. ASBINDO is always monitoring new trends and we would like to share them with you on this page.

Flower Range Trends in the New Normal Era


Without realizing it, in this pandemic, people's habits are slowly changing. With circumstances that limit us from meeting each other, sending flower arrangements to each other is now a natural thing to help enliven a celebration, congratulate and offer condolences. Flower arrangements that are currently trending are still held by flower boards.

Reporting from data displayed by Google Trend, the keyword "graduation board flower" rose in the range of April and October 2021 which coincided with the graduation time of several universities in Indonesia. Board flowers, which are generally sent as an accompanying condolences, so that they are happy for the newlyweds, are now included with graduation congratulations. This is because the graduation ceremony which is usually done face-to-face while giving hand bouquets or flower boxes to friends who are graduating is now done online at their respective homes. So to fill the void, many sent flower boards that read happy graduation to their friends.

Currently, another unique flower arrangement that is currently being discussed by young people is the Balloon Bouquet. Reporting from Google Trends research, the search for Balloon Bouquet in September 2021 experienced a drastic increase. The factor why balloon bouquets are currently in great demand by customers is because of their large and unique size, besides that the price range given for balloon bouquets is quite diverse.


Millennial Flower Arrangement


Based on the results of the 2020 Population census, Number of Millennials (1980 - 1995) reached 69.9 million people or 25.87% of the total Indonesian population (data source: BPS Census 2020 residents). The present generation (Millennial) has character creative with a variety of ideas, ideas that are out of the box, have self-confidence and courage express opinions, dare to express opinions on social media. (source : Publication Journal Intra Vol 7, No.2, 2019). The last few years many of Generations Millennials who are interested in and channel their hobbies new to the world of Floriculture, starting as an Activator Ornamental Plants, Trader of Floricultural products even Florists (flower arrangers), make the more lively the Flori industry with the presence of Millennials who rely on it technology in socializing and communicating online (social media).

Famous Floral Designer Winny Hernawaty, teacher and owner of the Merangkai School BLESSED WINAR and WINNY FLORIST flowers - Bandung, told ANews at the time interviewed, "Millennial Generation on generally prefer virtual learning through social media, for example via Youtube, while for learning to assemble, they are tend to like styles that are trending this time. They are not easy to study with with basic patterns, such as round shapes, triangles, vertical in flower arrangement that should be mastered as a Florist. " They want immediately able to assemble a hand bouqet without want to learn design elements, design elements, theory color and design principles, continued Winny, Lecturer The bagged flower arrangement senior a myriad of international experiences from various overseas.


Trends in Ornamental Plants during the Covid-19 Pandemic


Recently, the domestic ornamental plant industry has been growing. Names like Aglonema, Monstera, or Philodendron dominate the market. The public, which previously had no interest in caring for plants, is now increasingly commonplace to upload their collection of 'green children' on social media. In fact, it is not uncommon to exhibit plant collections whose prices have skyrocketed to millions of rupiah 'only' for two or three small leaves, such as Monstera variegata or Philodendron White Knight, considering we were in the fever of 'love waves' a few years ago.



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