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What are the latest trends in Floriculture nationally as well as internationally? All trends start small, but once they mature, they might grow into new products that are used by large amounts of people. ASBINDO is always monitoring new trends and we would like to share them with you on this page.

Tropical Flower Arrangement


Indonesia is a tropical country with many types of plants that can not be found in subtropical countries. Some of the unique plants that actually became a favorite in the sub-tropical countries such as black orchid, heliconia, Indonesian wax ginger, Cordyline (Ti leaf), and so forth.

Tropical flower arrangement  Tropical Flower arrangement 

The picture below is one of the creation from member of Indonesian Flower Association that shows the kind of Indonesian culture and floriculture products.

Tropical flower arrangement

The colors of some typical Indonesian floriculture products are very attractive and when coupled together will be seen as a flower arrangements that give the impression of spirit. You can try to replace some non-tropical flowers and leaves like ivy, roses, lilies, and more with exotic flowers as part of a wonderful arrangement.

Tropical flowers and leaves also can be used to decorate the wedding and make your wedding memorable and unique wedding party and concept as the shows love for local products.


A Heart Touching Gift


Every person will feel happy if given and rewarded with something. Flowers also is one of a gifts. ASBINDO prefer to call Heart Touching Gifts. Why? It's because of the flowers, that grow from small buds, and often face plant diseases, finally shows its beautiful form and make us happy was the evidence of God's love. Flowers was also as a meaningful entity. Let's say roses, this type of flowers widely used to express affection to your partner, mother, wife, best friend (at graduation), and many more. Is it only roses that can be used as an expression of love? 

Indonesia has a lot of local plants/flowers including non-native flowers. And some of flowers will be discussed regarding the meaning of the flowers. 

  • Rose. This flower is a symbol of love, and is not far from the meaning of love, warmth, and perfection.   


  • Orchid (Known as Puspa Pesona Indonesia). This flower has a meaning of beauty, love, lovely lady, mature charm, immortality. Not only women love flowers, there are also man who become orchids lover in Indonesia. 


  • Jasmine known as Puspa Bangsa Indonesia. The aroma impressed mystical, but who would have thought that the meaning of this flower is the friendliness (in accordance with the character of Indonesia), sensuality, and I attached my self to you.   


  • Chrysanthemum. Dendranthema sp. Consisting of various shapes and colors. Chrysanthemums grow well in Indonesia. This flower has a meaning of happiness, optimism, honesty, everlasting. Suitable for giving spirit.


  • Gerbera. Flowers are meaningful sincerity, beauty, and happiness is often used as one of the material of the arrangement. 


  • Carnation. Flowers is looks like a rose. The meaning of this flower charms, true love, and "yes". So can they be used to answer "yes" to the proposal. 


  • Marigold. Beautiful flower that is used as uba rampe worship on the island of Bali is meaningful love, sadness, jealousy. By assembling and combining with other materials. Marigold not always mean sadness.   


  • Lily. Lily is not native to Indonesia, but can be grown in Indonesia and has a distinctive fragrance that lasts. Lily meaning majesty, prosperity, pride, purity.  


That's some of the meaning of flowers that can be used as a reference to provide the right Heart Touching Gift for beloved ones, wife, mother, husband, grandmother, friend, and so on. The meaning of flowers can also be used in the wedding bouquet that can determine the marriage wishes.


Plants for Wedding Souvenir


Trends Plant Souvenir

One of the thoughts for the bride and groom in preparing their marriage is souvenir (gifts) for wedding guests who will attend the wedding. Souvenirs is become vary day by day according to the trends. Usually souvenirs are choosen if it can give benefits for guests who receive a wedding gift. Today, the green trend also affects the type of goods to be used as a wedding gift.

Plants Souvenir Plant Souvenir

                 Source                                                     Source                          

Some examples for wedding gifts that influenced by green trends are giving plants, reusable bags, seeds and mini plants. One of the most popular is mini plant and such as cactus, succulent, and the kind of bamboo. These plants favored because besides don’t take up much space, simple, easy to absorb pollution also easy in care.



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