Green Lifestyle Education


Green lifestyle can be run in many ways . Reduce excessive consumption by doing home farming and urban farming to strenghthen food security is also one form of implementation of green living in urban communities.

Has a narrow land is not a reason for households not to plant . Along with the understanding of green lifestyle by the public , the use of creative planting medium is also a concern . For example the things that almost become garbage can be used as a pot .

ASBINDO together with Indonesia Berkebun and Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall organizes education about Creative Gardening Ornamental Plants and Planting bawang Tuktuk in household scale . This event is a part of Forever Green Indonesia , held on 29 June 2013.

Education creative gardening

In the education session creative gardening ornamental plants , Lusi Saleh ( Edelweiss Cantiqa Lestari - ASBINDO ) who became tutor said that creative gardening can be done in many ways. "We have to open our eyes widely, a lot of trash that can be used as a substitute for pot , for example, the former pouch cooking oil can be a substitute polybag , tin cans , even shoes ." She said while demostrated the use of the former object . In addition to the planting , growing media which can be used also vary , ranging from rockwoll , hydrogels , and also cork.

After the introduction of the planting medium , the event continued with the education of planting tuktuk with tutors Ida Amal from Indonesia Berkebun. Ida explains that the goal of homefarming is to realize of the limited agricultural land, and it would be nice if we could provide food from the garden. Ida practicing how to sow Tuktuk which is a product of the East West Seed Indonesia .

Tuktuk education Participants

"The aim of this education is to show us that the implementation of the green lifestyle is easy , from ourselves , and from our closest environment " said Rosana Harahap , Executive Director ASBINDO after the event is over. Visitors and participants also excited and pleased to join this event .