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The Indonesian Flower Association (ASBINDO) is a professional membership organization formed by farmers / producers and traders in the Floriculture industry. Our main mission is to develop the National Floriculture sector in general and more specific to create opportunities for our members to grow their businesses. ASBINDO offers an extensive training program, a variety of business services and numerous promotion activities. It also represents its members in a continuous dialogue with the government and other stakeholders.


  1. To be an independent, financially healthy organization that is recognized as an influential organization in floriculture in Indonesia (as a trend setter and reliable partner with credibility) with the best certified floriculture "training center" in Indonesia.
  2. ASBINDO to be recognized as a "quality label" for it’s products and services in the field of floriculture in Indonesia.


  1. Get unified and "take the lead" to advance the floriculture industry by utilizing the momentum created by the topics: global warming and green lifestyle.
  2. Become an organization that offers benefits for its members, farmers and all other stakeholders in the floriculture sector.
  3. Being a leading organization in the field of national floriculture that can protect & fulfill the aspirations of its members as well as being recognized internationally.