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Floricultura Company Pages


A lot of floriculture companies do not have their own website or have problems attracting visitors to their website. We now offer the possibility to have your own floriculture company page on the ASBINDO website. To celebrate our new website you can now have

Your own webpage on

for 1 whole year

for only IDR 999.000*

* Members of ASBINDO get a considerate discount and only pay 799.000 Rph for 1 year.
* Your page also available in an English version for only 200.000 Rph extra per year (ASBINDO will provide a translation, only possible in combination with a Indonesian page)       

Why would it benefit you?

  • You can give the unique URL of your webpage to your customers or print it on your brochure so people from all over Indonesia can access your information online.
  • Every time ASBINDO promotes its website, your page will indirectly be promoted as well.
  • We have regular contact with all stakeholders in the Floriculture Industry in Indonesia so your page will reach a very targeted audience.  
  • Buying a company page on our site is much cheaper than building and maintaining your own websiteExample page Melrimba

How does it work?

You send us information about your company and we will prepare your company page according to a standard template. You can hand in:

  • Your business logo
  • text 300 words max in Bahasa
  • 3 foto/gambar
  • Brochure/order form (we will scan it for you and add it as a downloadable files)
  • Your contact details (tel, address, email)

Of course we will also place a deeplink to your website if you have a website and make a link so visitors can automatically send you an email. We will create a special URL for your webpage so it is easy for you to direct your customers directly to your page. The URL will have the following format


banner Only pay a banner for Rp600.000/year and you can promote your company as much as possible. By having a banner you can linked the banner to your homepage/company page at ASBINDO homepage. This banner will appear when somebody open ASBINDO page and will showed randomly once our homepage being refreshed. 

* Member of ASBINDO get a special offer only pay Rp300.000 for 1 banner/1 year.

Click here to go to the example company page.

Click here to make a reservation for your own company page