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What are the latest trends in Floriculture nationally as well as internationally? All trends start small, but once they mature, they might grow into new products that are used by large amounts of people. ASBINDO is always monitoring new trends and we would like to share them with you on this page.

Board Flowers, Greeting Flowers in Large Size


At first the flower boards were made with stereofoam measuring 2 meters x 1 meter or more covered with thin foam / spoons. To write the letters, knots are made from crepe paper, tied with wire, the name is suyok. With the passage of time, suyok is also made from thin spoons. Before using suyok, the letters were formed from light/dark yellow marigold flowers. Then with the increasing number of requests for condolences for opening and condolences, board flower makers get creative with paper spoons or spoons.

Suyok is widely used because it can be recycled. After the event is over, the board flowers will be picked up by the scavengers to be resold to the board flower makers in the market, which are then reassembled for the next buyer, including the fresh flowers being rearranged. Unlike Winny Florist, Winny Florist makes flower boards with new materials, which causes prices to be higher than the prices of board flower sellers in the market.

winny floristwinny floristwinny florist


Trend of Ornamental Plants 2022


The activity of maintaining ornamental plants is one of the activities that many people are interested in during the Covid 19 pandemic. This hobby of caring for and collecting ornamental plants seems to continue in 2022.

According to, a study conducted by the Floral Marketing Fund states that plant purchases are unlikely to decline. Plants play a role in making the room more beautiful, attractive, fresh and support mental health and fitness. People who have “fallen in love” with certain ornamental plants are even willing to pay a high price. Even during the new normal, ornamental plants will continue to be in demand.

Several observers and plant stylists (from the and pages) predict that the trend of ornamental plants in 2022 will still revolve around the Araceae plant group (including the Alocasia species, Aglaonema Epipremnum, Monsteram, Philodendron, Rhapidhopora), including rare species. and the variegata.

Plants with red, purple and pink variegata leaves, such as Peperomia caperata “Schumi Red”, Costus erythrophylus, Begonia spp, Aglaonema spp will also be in great demand. In addition, vines, such as Rhaphidhopora tetrasperma, Hoya ; colorful flowering plants such as orchids and plants with little or no maintenance such as cacti and succulents as well as Sansevieria spp, Zamioculcas (ZZ plant) and Epipremnum spp (pothos).

Ornamental plants with a variety of leaf shapes, unique textures, sizes and colors as well as beautiful flowers make our homes feel more alive and fun. What kind of houseplants will you have this year?


Flower Range Trends in the New Normal Era


Without realizing it, in this pandemic, people's habits are slowly changing. With circumstances that limit us from meeting each other, sending flower arrangements to each other is now a natural thing to help enliven a celebration, congratulate and offer condolences. Flower arrangements that are currently trending are still held by flower boards.

Reporting from data displayed by Google Trend, the keyword "graduation board flower" rose in the range of April and October 2021 which coincided with the graduation time of several universities in Indonesia. Board flowers, which are generally sent as an accompanying condolences, so that they are happy for the newlyweds, are now included with graduation congratulations. This is because the graduation ceremony which is usually done face-to-face while giving hand bouquets or flower boxes to friends who are graduating is now done online at their respective homes. So to fill the void, many sent flower boards that read happy graduation to their friends.

Currently, another unique flower arrangement that is currently being discussed by young people is the Balloon Bouquet. Reporting from Google Trends research, the search for Balloon Bouquet in September 2021 experienced a drastic increase. The factor why balloon bouquets are currently in great demand by customers is because of their large and unique size, besides that the price range given for balloon bouquets is quite diverse.


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