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Cut Foliages

Asplenium nidus


Asplenium nidus-kadakaDescription

Asplenium nidus is a species of fern in the family Aspleniaceae, native to tropical southeastern Asia, eastern Australia, Hawaii, Polynesia, Christmas Island, India, and eastern Africa. It is one of several closely related species known by the common name Bird's Nest Fern. It forms large simple fronds visually similar to Banana leaves, with the fronds growing to 50-150 cm long and 10-20 cm broad. They are light green, often crinkled, with a black midrib, and exhibit circinate vernation. 

Care Tip

The habit of this fern can be epiphytal or terrestrial, but it typically grows on organic matter. This fern often lives in trees like a bromeliad, where it collects water and humus in its leaf-rosette. It thrives in warm, humid areas in partial to full shade

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Floribunda Nursery (021 737 9326/7361875)




PolysciasPolyscias Indonesia

Polyscias sp


This group consists of about 80 tropical shrubs and trees that are native to New Zealand, tropical Asia and the Pacific Islands. They are excellent as houseplants in cold climates and as hedges in very warm ones. These plants are also excellent as Bonsai specimens. These plants are valued for their decorative foliage, which is finely divided and in some species, beautifully variegated.

Care Tip
These plants require adequate sunlight although it can tolerate the lack of sunlight. Store at room temperature 18-29C

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Ruscus is a genus of six species of flowering plants in the family Ruscaceae, formerly classified in the family Liliaceae. The genus is native to western and southern Europe (north to southern England), Macaronesia, northwest Africa, and southwestern Asia east to the Caucasus. The species are evergreen shrub-like perennial plants, growing to 1 m tall (rarely 1.2 m). They have branched stems, bearing numerous cladodes (flattened, leaf-like stem tissue) 2-18 cm long and 1-8 cm broad.

Care tip

Always use clean vase and water for cutted ruscus.

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Pesona Daun Mas Asri (0251) 8242888, Eldadi Usaha Flora (0251) 8248112


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