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Landscape Plants

Tabebuia sp


Tabebuia spDescription

One of the plants that used as ornamental plant in the garden and the green belt is the Tabebuia sp. This plant was originally grown a lot in Mexico and greater Latin America. Plants that also called Trumpet Tree's is belong to family Bignoniaceae and has more than 100 species. Tabebuia can reach a height of up to 16 m. This flowering trees have colorful species. The type that easily found are yellow (Tabebuia chrysotricha), pink (Tabebuia impetiginosa), or purple (Tabebuia rosea).

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Care Tip

Sprinkle to taste, don’t overwatered. These plants require adequate sunlight. This plant also requires a soil with a neutral pH (6.6 to 7.5). This plant can be propagated by seed.

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Maniltoa Grandiflora


Maniltoa grandiflora

Maniltoa grandifloraDescription

Plant that belong to Fabaceae family ini is a plant that can be used as garden or shading plant. Living in the tropics and young leaves hanging down is a beauty of this plant.

Care Tips

This plant requires full sun and enough shade. Simply watered regularly.

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Benara Nurseries (0264-351030-34)





Tagetes erecta, the Mexican marigold, also called Aztec marigold, is a species of the genus Tagetes native to Mexico and Central America. Despite its being native to the Americas, it is often called African marigold. In Mexico, this plant is found in the wild in the states of San Luis Potosí, Chiapas, State of México, Puebla, Sinaloa, Tlaxcala, and Veracruz. This plant reaches heights of between 50–100 cm (20–39 in).

Care tip

Plant marigold in full sun place, remove faded and dead flower to keep plants blooming. Marigolds are highly susceptible to botrytis and spider mite infestation. Reducing fertilizer frequency and/or concenration once the bud is visible also adds additional shelf life.

Where to buy

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