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In order to create a better understanding of the Indonesian Floriculture Industry and it’s numerous products & opportunities,  ASBINDO is involved in various promotion activities nationally as well as  internationally.

If you have specific questions regarding floriculture in Indonesia do not hesitate to contact us.

Visit Garden to PT. Wilis Ago Lestari


ASBINDO again carried out a garden visit on May 15 2024 to the PT. Wilis Agro Lestari is located at Kp. Babakan Tisuk, Cipancar Village, Subang Regency, West Java.

PT. Wilis Agro Lestari, known as Wilis Agro, was founded in 2012. This company is engaged in the cultivation and flowering of orchids, in particular, Phalaenopsis. In 2017, Wilis Agro modernized the Green House to ensure the products produced were truly the best superior products. This is what makes Wilis Agro products quickly accepted and liked in the Indonesian market. Wilis Agro has a flowering greenhouse in the Subang area, West Java with an area of ​​20,000 m2 and a production capacity of 480,000 orchids/year. The orchids produced are mostly to meet local market demand on the island of Java. Meanwhile, the orchid market outside Java and for export is still wide open.

Garden Visits are one of the Organizational Programs which aims to strengthen relationships, exchange information, open insight and learn from each other among ASBINDO members.



Preparations for Tomohon International Flower Festival 2024


In the New Year 2024, Tomohon City begins improve yourself and beautify yourself again with decorate Tomohon City as the City of Flowers and organizer of the Flower Festival level International, namely Tomohon International Flower Festivals (TIFF). Tomohon City Government remains collaborating with ASBINDO Tomohon City, in fact ASBINDO (Jakarta Center), as a working partner in making the Tomohon event a success International Flower Festival (TIFF) which will be held in early August 2024.

In 2024, ASBINDO Tomohon City planning the formation of the ASBINDO Management Tomohon City has 5 sub-districts and 44 sub-districts which is in the Tomohon City Area, so cut flower farmers, decorators and flower arrangers / Florists can develop the production of ornamental flower plants cut and cut leaves, and develop creative decoration of fresh flower arrangements in happy and sad events, because they exist increased demand for fresh cut flowers every year, with many activities or events from the Tomohon City Government and Churches in the city of Tomohon, including churches - church in Manado City, Minahasa Regency North, as well as in South Minahasa Regency.


Welcoming Christmas and New Year in Tomohon


The moment of welcoming Christmas & New Year is a blessing, mercy and grace for the flower farmers in the villages of Kakaskasen Satu, Kakaskasen Dua, Kakaskasen Tiga and Kakaskasen, who are the main providers of fresh cut flowers in Tomohon City. From ancient times, Kakaskasen Village (now divided into 4 sub-districts), in Tomohon City, has been very famous for its potted fresh flower plants and cut fresh flower plants as well as its fresh flower arrangements, which are sold freely at flower stalls. Along Jalan Raya Kakaskasen - Tomohon, when welcoming the Holy month of Christmas and New Year, when the need for fresh flowers and potted plants soars, new flower stalls or florists will appear. The increasing demand makes cut flower farmers compete to plant cut flowers, some even planted more than usual. And almost all the fresh flower farmers are members of the Tomohon City ASBINDO farmer group.

There are around 650,000 standard and spray chrysanthemum cut flowers. and thousands of other cut flowers which are also planted by flower farmers to welcome the holy month of Christmas & New Year, such as Kerk lily, Rose, Gerbera, Aster, Hortensia, Gladiolus, Pikok, Tuberose, and Amaryllis. These cut flowers will begin to be planted in mid-September 2023, and will be harvested in the third week of December.



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