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In order to create a better understanding of the Indonesian Floriculture Industry and it’s numerous products & opportunities,  ASBINDO is involved in various promotion activities nationally as well as  internationally.

If you have specific questions regarding floriculture in Indonesia do not hesitate to contact us.

Preparation for Tomohon International Flower Festival August 8-12 2023


The city of Tomohon is the only city in Indonesia that is holding a Tournament of Flowers, namely the International Flower Festival in the form of an international Float Float Competition, with participants from all over the archipelago and foreign countries. Through this activity: With Flowers, Tomohon City Greets the World. The birth of Tomohon City as the City of Flowers and as the organizer of the International Flower Festival, was designed by the first Mayor of Tomohon namely Jefferson M. Rumajar, SE and the Indonesian Flower Association (ASBINDO) driven by Mrs. Karen Tambayong and her staff on August 8 2008 In the same year the ASBINDO Tomohon City. At that time, almost all farmers in Tomohon City planted various kinds of cut flowers such as the native chrysanthemum flowers of Tomohon, namely the Kulo chrysanthemums (standard white chrysanthemums) and Riri chrysanthemums (standard yellow chrysanthemums), both of which were quite large, as big as drinking plates. coffee. In addition, spray chrysanthemums (also known as aster chrysanthemums) of various colors, kerk lilies, daisies of various colors, peacock flowers (white, purple, pink, blue) gladiolus with various colors, hen crowns and marigolds are also planted.

This year, preparations for holding the Tomohon International Flower Festival (TIFF) have been started by the Tomohon city government, through the Tomohon Agriculture & Fisheries Service, at the end of April asking the flower growers gathered in the Tomohon City ASBINDO container to plant standard chrysanthemum and spray chrysanthemums of various colors, kerk lilies, daisies, peacocks, gladiolus, roses, hydrangaeas, and other flowers that will be used to decorate and decorate all the floats (FLOAT) participating in the Tournament of Flower (Fresh Flower Float Competition) at the Tomohon International Flower Festival (TIFF) on 8 - 12 August 2023.



Festival of Flowers and Fruits of The Archipelago


The Archipelago Flower and Fruit Festival (FBBN) was held again after 2 years of being abolished due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This activity began in July 2022 which began with the Floriculture Podcast and continued with the National Agrotourism Seminar, Indonesian Fruit Workshop, and FBBN Peak Day which was held on 21-23 October 2022 in Bogor City Square by bringing in more than 15,000 visitors.

In this FBBN event, the Indonesian Flower Association (ASBINDO) acted as the organizing partner to decorate several spots in the FBBN area using floricultural products produced by ASBINDO members. The beauty of the 2022 FBBN decoration can be seen in the main gate decorations, photo booths in the form of FBBN inscriptions with fruit and flower decorations, aisles with hanging flowers, as well as main stage decorations with various colors, which are attractive and instagramable spots for visitors.



Cactus, Succulent, Sansevieria Contest 2022


On September 25, 2022, the Cactus Flower Palace together with the Lembang cactus community held a cactus, succulent, sansevieria contest. This event is the biggest contest in 2022 with 17 contest categories, namely cactus, succulent, sansevieria and minigarden. Carrying an interesting theme #silaturahmiwithoutlimit, this event places great emphasis on the relationship between farmers, hobbyists, collectors and business people, and of course this contest event will be judged by professional judges.

In addition, there was a very interesting event, namely a talk show, discussing the prospect of floriculture agribusiness with speakers from the Indonesian Flower Association (ASBINDO) and the Cactus Flower Palace to add insight and increase motivation for business people and those who will start a business in the field of floriculture.

The criteria for judging the cactus, succulent and sansevieria contests are: The first impression, the beauty of the plant is seen in terms of the compatibility of planting with pots. Plant health, free from disease. Plant performance, including proportional plant shape and character Patterns and Colors, seen from the balance of shades and color brightness.

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