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What are needs and the progress of Green City and the green movement in Indonesia? Regarding Green Services that initiated by ASBINDO, there are a lot of information that should be considered during developing Green City. ASBINDO is trying to give the best information and we would like to share them with you on this page.

If you have any opinion or article regarding green services don't hesitate to contact us.

Flower Market Prospects and Challenges 2023


Welcoming the Year of the Water Rabbit, which is predicted by experts, will bring better winds for economic development in the country. Meanwhile in the flower industry, observers and practitioners have thoughts about forecasts of market developments and trends in 2023, it is predicted that the demand for flowers absorbed by the market in 2023 will return to normal 100% or even greater than before the Covid-19 pandemic. 19 (before 2020).

This year's color trend is dominated by the Viva Magenta color, which is a color derived from the red family that is capable of expressing new strength signals. The Digital Lavender color and its derivatives, inspired by the Korean style, are mostly chosen, namely the Baby Pink, Lavender and Peach color elements. Tranquil Lakshur Blue, Lazuli Blue, Dusty Blue and their derivatives are currently in vogue as wedding themes. This color trend opens up opportunities for flower coloring to be carried out by several manufacturers through Dyed and Spray techniques. Neutral colors are also still used, such as white, green and nude colors.


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Gompi the beautiful Chrysanthemum Flower


Gompi is a variant of the Chrysanthemum flower which is currently a favorite of practitioners and flower lovers. Besides having a beautiful flower shape, with an orderly arrangement of petals that makes it look so unique. Gompi also has very beautiful color variations. Currently, the color trend is still limited to white, lime/lemon, pink, peach and orange. The color of the gompi type is quite distinctive and the same color type is not found in other types of flowers. Gompi will be more attractive when combined with other types of flowers such as lilies, roses, calla lilies, etc., which are adjusted to the desired color tone.


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Cianjur Earthquake Trauma Healing


The earthquake and landslide that occurred on November 21 2022 with a magnitude of 5.4 in the Cianjur district, West Java, caused more than 400 fatalities, destroyed physical buildings such as houses, public facilities and other infrastructure. This incident deeply touched the concerns of various parties, including the ASBINDO extended family both on behalf of the organization and its members individually who also sent assistance in the form of logistics and to help relieve the needs of the affected victims during the emergency response.

The disaster has passed, but the heaviest impact felt as a result of this very deep grief is the psychological factor which of course cannot be easily recovered in a short time. not a few people who feel the same way are unable or realize the importance of doing the same thing.


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Celosia Cultivation


Celosia (Celosia argentea), which is also known as cock's comb flower, is quite well known among florists in Indonesia because of its pretty charming colorful flowers. The types of Celosia commonly grown here are the cristata and plumose varieties.

Celosia for cut flowers can be planted outside or in a greenhouse or shade house. Planting outside the shade house will be quite high risk, especially if it is exposed to rain too often. Planting outside the shade house needs more because there is a possibility of damage to the plants due to heavy rains. The potential "disadvantages" of planting outside a shade house can be compared to the cost of building a shade house.


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