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What are needs and the progress of Green City and the green movement in Indonesia? Regarding Green Services that initiated by ASBINDO, there are a lot of information that should be considered during developing Green City. ASBINDO is trying to give the best information and we would like to share them with you on this page.

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Green in Every Corner, the Charm of Ornamental Plants as a Cafe Interior


Ornamental plants are no longer just decorative elements in the house, but have become part of the modern lifestyle. The beauty and tranquility provided by ornamental plants make them increasingly popular, especially in providing a refreshing and natural atmosphere indoors.

Ornamental plants not only beautify the layout of the house, but have also opened the door to their use as creative interior design elements, including in cafes and other public places. Pictum Coffee & Kitchen is a modern cafe that not only serves delicious coffee, but also tries to create a comfortable and aesthetic atmosphere. Houseplants provide a refreshing natural touch, creating a warm and welcoming environment.

Cafe located on Jl. Raya Ragunan, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta is even scattered with ornamental plants in every corner. Starting from plants with large leaves to plants with unique and interesting small leaves. The use of ornamental plants in cafes not only beautifies the appearance, but also increases comfort for visitors. Minaqu Home Nature is the main supplier that fills all the ornamental plants in the interior of Pictum Coffee & Kitchen. Thousands of plants fill the cafe. Busy urban lifestyles often disconnect us from nature. Using ornamental plants can certainly be an ideal way to overcome this, bringing a dash of nature into a modern living space.

cafe minaqucafe minaqu


Fresh Flowers VS Artificial Flowers


Last month, 2 weeks at the end of the year, there happened to be an invitation to a friend's son/daughter's wedding which was held in Jakarta. The places are quite good, the first is on Jl Gatot Subroto and the second is on Jl Rasuna Said. As a flower farmer, of course what is interesting to see is what kind of design, arrangement and type of flowers will be used in the ballroom where the event will be held. Besides of course also the taste of the food served by the catering used.

However, we were quite surprised to find out from the reception table that there were lots of artificial flowers and plants used at the event. There were all artificial plants installed in the gazebo towards the aisle, and also artificial flowers inserted in several arrangements along the food stands and tables. For an event of that size to be held in such a good place, it would have been unimaginable a few years ago that this would happen. Not only that, it turns out that the various ornamental plants under the stage are also artificial plants that we usually find at IKEA or Ace hardware. It's also sad to know that for events like this, prestige is only measured by what looks good in the photo, but ignores the higher aesthetic value, namely the freshness of the real flowers and plants used. After returning from the event, thoughts raced in my mind imagining in the next 10 years or so, how fresh flowers and plants would be used at weddings which might be held 1-2 times in our lifetime. It would also be interesting to know what the situation is like in the more premium places along Jl Thamrin and Jl Sudirman in Jakarta.

Indeed, less encouraging signs have emerged in recent years. Events that are usually a booming period for sales of flowers and ornamental plants seem to be starting to disappear one by one. Valentine's Day, which used to be a good period for selling roses, is no longer seen in malls along with flower and chocolate themes. Only the promo flyers and posters are still scattered around. Likewise with the Chinese New Year, Eid or Christmas periods.

bunga artifisial

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Floriculture Business Transformation Through Competency Certification


Employee competency is one of the important factors that drives progress business in today's global era. In a fast-changing and fraught business environment competition, competence not only ensures that employees can carry out their tasks effectively, but also provide a basis for innovation and adaptation to new market trends. Competent employees are able to improve productivity, work quality and customer satisfaction, while helping the company in responding to challenges and taking advantage of opportunities more quickly and efficient. Therefore, investment in employee competency development becomes strategic aspects that are crucial for business growth and sustainability.

ASBINDO as the Association that accommodates the floriculture industry in Indonesia provides attention and commitment in human development in the field of floriculture. ASBINDO provides various competency-based training programs and collaborates with BNSP licensed LSP for floriculture to carry out competency certification Work. Apart from that, ASBINDO will also take a role in the development of the Place Competency Test (TUK) to support the implementation of competency assessments in Indonesia. This TUK was developed by involving ASBINDO members throughout Indonesia thus forming a national TUK Floriculture network.



Aspects of Technical Competency for the Floriculture Industry


Just like various other businesses or farming businesses, minimum requirements regarding aspects are required technical aspects that must be mastered by floriculture industry players/owners and workers who manages it. Nowadays the situation is much easier to gain knowledge and references from various sources relating to certain issues, for example about fertilization, pest and disease control as well as post-harvest measures.

However, amidst this convenience, it must be acknowledged that there is a risk in simplifying problems combined with a lack of basic knowledge, can lead perpetrators into error into more complex problems. Especially if a problem occurs 'irreversible' so that permanent damage occurs to the garden. For example, now it happens often mismanaging health problems because the patient is a know-it-all due to having too much access Social media is generally popular on the basis of testimonials and success stories, however without receiving assistance from competent medical personnel. If there's a problem health is so easy, of course it doesn't require expensive schooling and a long time to become a medical professional.

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