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Scindapsus from Sekadau West Kalimantan


Scindapsus is one of the genera of the Araceae (Aroid) family. Many species of ornamental leaf plants have high economic value, such as Aglaonema, Anthurium, Philodenderon, Monstera, Labissia, and Raphidhophora, belonging to the Araceae family. Araceae are found in many tropical regions, consisting of 105-110 genera and 2500-3700 species, and around 600 of them are found in Indonesia. Apart from being used as ornamental plants, species from this family are used as food (Colocasia, Xanthosoma) and medicinal plants (Homalomena, Scindapsus).

Scindapsus sp. or satin leaf plant is a genus of Araceae which is widely traded both domestically and for export. Most Scindapsus are epiphytic plants with oval leaves, and according to Araceae researcher from the Bali Botanical Gardens, Dr Ni Putu Sri Asih, there are 30 species of scindapsus in Indonesia out of a total of 60 species in the world, but half of them have not yet been identified. The number of Scindapsus species can still increase considering that there is a lot of forest potential that has not been explored. Although some types of Scindapsus sp. have been identified and named, research or sources of information related to the study of growth, development and agronomic characteristics are still very limited.


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