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Become a member

There are 3 membership categories. Even though the main benefits are the same for all members, there are certain differences. 

  • Company membership This type of membership is only open for producers/traders of Floriculture products (including trading producers). The membership is registered on the company and the benefits are available for all staff working at the company. Each company membership has one vote in National Assemble meetings. As main type of membership, company member will get all of ASBINDO members benefit.
  • Associated membership This membership is only open for other stakeholders (florist, decorators, suppliers other products). Each Group membership has one vote in the National Assemble. Benefit of this membership almost same with company members especially in building network.
  • Others* This membership is open for kelompok tani, and personal member. You can become a member on personal title. This membership has one vote in the National Assemble meetings, regardless of the number of farmers that belong to the Kelompoktani. All other benefits are available for all participants of the Kelompoktani.

* If you are producer of floriculture product please register as Company Member. 

Want to become a member?

It only takes 3 simple steps:

1.    Fill registration form (company or personal)* and return the completed form to us
       (once we have received you registration we will send you the payment details)

2.    Arrange payment and send us proof of payment

3.    Once we have received your payment you can start benefiting straight away

* in the near future an automatic registration form will be available online.

Download File
Download this file (Formulir Keanggotaan (Perseorangan).pdf)Formulir Keanggotaan (Perseorangan)[ASBINDO]617 Kb3238 Downloads
Download this file (Formulir Keanggotaan (Perusahaan).pdf)Formulir Keanggotaan (Perusahaan)[ASBINDO]124 Kb746 Downloads

Business Services

Business Services

As a membership organisation we offer added value for our members. Through this website a vast amount of (information) services is at your fingertips, like listings of plant varieties, suppliers of seed/seedlings, details of governmental agencies and soon easy to read manuals on how to apply for certain permits.
Click here for more information.

Promotion Floriculture

Want to know more about roses, chrysanthemum, sansevieria, dracaena, heliconia, and hibiscus? Check out the information on the most popular plants in Indonesia. Or learn more about the latest trends in Floriculture and join our photo competition.

Trade Products
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ASBINDO Training Center is an extensive training program for people working in Floriculture industry. The program covers practical topics as well as more managerial topics subjects. You can take part on one day training or short workshop. 

Click here for more information.

Join us

Start benefiting from our services right now and become a member of ASBINDO. It is very simple and opens up a world of opportunities.

Member Benefits

  • Access to Suppliers Database
  • Exchange E-Market
  • Newsletter
  • Special Events and Promotions

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