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Focus Group Discussion: Sinergy of Green City (8th Agrinex)


Agrinex 8th has been held on 28-30 March 2014. One of interesting agenda in relation to the issue of the development of green city is the " Focus Group Discussion : Building Green City Synergy " . Focus group discussion was organized by Agrinex in collaboration with the Directorate General of Spatial Planning Ministry of Public Works, by inviting representatives of the city which participate on Green City Development Program (P2KH) and business people related to green city. Karen Tambayong (Green City Commission Chairman AIPH) became a moderator, in this discussion, resource persons are Endra Saleh (Head of Sub Urban Jakstra, Directorate of Urban), Dr . Ir . Ani Andayani (Director Floriculture Cultivation and Postharvest), and Glenn Pardede (chairman ASBINDO)

Agrinex, FGD Green City

On this occasion, Glenn Pardede explain the possible relationship between the central government, city/county participant of P2KH, business (private sector), and associations. ASBINDO as the only floriculture organization that partners with the government is ready to become a consultant if the construction of the nursery in order to support green city in each city/county is important and become a necessity.

In line with Glenn, Dr. Ir. Ani Andayani also stated that there are several cities into slices P2KH program and the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Public Works, and currently some of the city has been going well, not only in physical (number of plant - ed), but also of other aspects. Ani also stated that to maintain existing parks in each city to is needed to develop a nursery. Developing nursery must not be run only by the central government itself, there needs to be better cooperation between business , local community, and also the direction of the parties who have competence.

Closing the presentation of synergy green city, Endra Saleh describes there are increasing number of P2KH participants. Some of the constraints faced in the implementation of P2KH is not all cities have expert landscape so most parks have the same characteristics and the city park has not shown the peculiarities of each city. Endra also added that the budget for P2KH absorbed increases in line with increasing awareness of the importance of a green city. Going forward, the expected synergies delivered as ASBINDO can be constructed so that each city should not be confused regarding to the garden needs .

Discussion between the resource person and participants also run well, some of the participants from the city / county recognizes the lack of experts who can point to what plants to plant in the right place . In response to this , ASBINDO has Green Service, one of this services is guideline to do “right plant in the right place”.