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Cactus, Succulent, Sansevieria Contest 2022


On September 25, 2022, the Cactus Flower Palace together with the Lembang cactus community held a cactus, succulent, sansevieria contest. This event is the biggest contest in 2022 with 17 contest categories, namely cactus, succulent, sansevieria and minigarden. Carrying an interesting theme #silaturahmiwithoutlimit, this event places great emphasis on the relationship between farmers, hobbyists, collectors and business people, and of course this contest event will be judged by professional judges.

In addition, there was a very interesting event, namely a talk show, discussing the prospect of floriculture agribusiness with speakers from the Indonesian Flower Association (ASBINDO) and the Cactus Flower Palace to add insight and increase motivation for business people and those who will start a business in the field of floriculture.

The criteria for judging the cactus, succulent and sansevieria contests are: The first impression, the beauty of the plant is seen in terms of the compatibility of planting with pots. Plant health, free from disease. Plant performance, including proportional plant shape and character Patterns and Colors, seen from the balance of shades and color brightness.

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