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The Wonderfull Flora of The Archipelago


Semarak Flora Nusantara colors the Main Lobby area of ​​Atrium 1, Ground Floor of Lippo Mall Puri, Kembangan Jakarta from 1 to 3 September 2023. Semarak Flora Nusantara is an ASBINDO exhibition held in order to introduce and promote various Indonesian floriculture products with the aim of increasing public awareness and love, especially floriculture plant lovers. The ASBINDO booth decorator team at the Semarak Flora Nusantara exhibition was chaired by Mrs. Sara Destariansyah as owner of the Jakarta Floral Academy (Jakflo) and assisted by Mrs. Sri Sulastri as Leader and Instructor of the Flower Arranging Art Course and Training Institute - LKP Chichi Cianjur.

The products displayed are quite diverse, ranging from cut flowers such as chrysanthemums, roses, hydrangeas, sunflowers, anthuriums, lilies, etc. Cut leaves consist of monstera, philodendron, alocasia, cypress, kadaka and fern. Potted ornamental plants were also displayed, such as marigolds, poinsettias, vinca, kalandiva, celosia, begonias, moon orchids, dendrobium orchids and creations made from coconut leaves. Semarak Flora Nusantara received an enthusiastic welcome from the mall visitors who came, they not only saw various types of beautiful flowers and plants on display, but also many took fun photos at the ASBINDO photobooth.

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This exhibition will be an annual activity held by ASBINDO. By holding this exhibition, it is hoped that it can become a forum for promoting the diversity of Indonesian flowers to the general public as well as a gathering place for the community of flower, leaf and plant lovers and as a means of sharing knowledge with the community, mall visitors and the wider public.