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Preparations for Tomohon International Flower Festival 2024


In the New Year 2024, Tomohon City begins improve yourself and beautify yourself again with decorate Tomohon City as the City of Flowers and organizer of the Flower Festival level International, namely Tomohon International Flower Festivals (TIFF). Tomohon City Government remains collaborating with ASBINDO Tomohon City, in fact ASBINDO (Jakarta Center), as a working partner in making the Tomohon event a success International Flower Festival (TIFF) which will be held in early August 2024.

In 2024, ASBINDO Tomohon City planning the formation of the ASBINDO Management Tomohon City has 5 sub-districts and 44 sub-districts which is in the Tomohon City Area, so cut flower farmers, decorators and flower arrangers / Florists can develop the production of ornamental flower plants cut and cut leaves, and develop creative decoration of fresh flower arrangements in happy and sad events, because they exist increased demand for fresh cut flowers every year, with many activities or events from the Tomohon City Government and Churches in the city of Tomohon, including churches - church in Manado City, Minahasa Regency North, as well as in South Minahasa Regency.