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Optimizing Community towards Green City


Jakarta is one of city with high pollution levels. Rubbish, fumes, factory smoke, and river's pollution are the contributor for pollution in Jakarta. The number of activities that damaging the earth like illegal logging, river pollution, and many more need to be balanced with the movement that supports a green lifestyle. The campaign to save the environment carried out in various places and in different ways.

Green Community Taman kota

One way to campaign for saving the environment is to maximize the role of community. Community is a group of individuals that have uniqueness because it has a same vision, mission, and also have a stronger attachment. Green communities was established to make big cities in Indonesia be clean, health, and livable.

Some of the communities that support green city are diet of plastic bags community, urban farming, bike to work, and many more. Regarding the green city development programs and dreams of most urban population, the activities of this community are very helpful and generate the spread of information. These communities also use the facilities of social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.) on the internet, so internet users can be expected determines the activities undertaken by the community.

In addition, the synergy of communities in creating a green city will also be an inspiration to other individuals who are in the same town who come to the city to save the the earth.