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Usage of Liner for Many Horticulture Purposes


ASBINDO member was developed some products to support Green City program. In addition seeds in plugs, bedding plants and potted plants, new innovation is developing Liner. 

 Liner usage for floral arrangement Liner by Bina Usaha Flora ASBINDO

Liner is a term in the horticultural industry for seeds or small plants that placed in complex container consist of several individual cells sized 4 cm x 4 cm up to 8cm x 8cm. Liner plant breeding can be a result of vegetative including tissue culture, nor of the transplanted seedling / plug. Liner seeds or plants are intermediate products for the enlargement and planting on a larger container.

Liner for greening usage

The advantage of Liner is the seed or small plants that have been acclimatized and ready for planting in a variety of conditions, it is easy to package and transport for long distances. Its main advantage is the uniformity of size and type of liner itself.

The usefulness of such Liner for reclamation of degraded land, reforestation, landscaping, vertical garden, roof garden, potted plant, production plant in greenhouse, etc.

(Written by: Ida Widaningsih - PT Bina Usaha Flora)

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