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Have a small area is not a reason not to grow crops around the house. Many innovations have been developed, and give the ease to the houses that don’t not have enough land to grow crops. One of those innovation is verticulture.

Verticulture is planting arranged vertically by using the help of pots, bamboo, PVC pipe, or unused objects such as ans and bottles along the walls of the house.

Some examples verticulture that can be made around the house are as follows picture:

verticulture verticulture 2 vertikultur

Some things to consider when creating verticulture are:

• Site plan of verticulture this will affect the types of crops that will grown

• The type of plant, including sunlight needs, seedlings, as well as fertilization.

• Irrigation systems: whether the use of drip irrigation, watering, or soft sprayer

Have a beautiful garden and plants constrainned by limited of land, why not?