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Christmas Trend 2012 and 2013 Trend in Color Usage


"The trend does not always happen by itself, and the trend that happening, is not the same from one place to another place"

There are so many trends that were created in the "launching" and popularized by the organization, institution or company to the public, and promote their products. This is what will influence color trends, product trends, and so on.

Trend in European and American countries, it is generally divided into four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Even though trend based on season influence the trend in Indonesia, not entirely acceptable because Indonesia doesn’t have four seasons.

Christmas Trend 2012

Christmas trend is strongly influenced by the themes of different colors and shades. Christmas trend in Indonesia is influenced by the trend in Europe and America. This is because the countries are predominantly Christian and celebrate Christmas in a more festive than the other state.

From Europe and America, we know that Christmas decorations in 2012 to be more expressive. Modern life inspires each person to further express his desire to use colors they likes. Generally, although the expression of diverse individuals can be grouped into expressions that are natural, fun (extravaganza), imagination, elegant, and "sophisticated"

Some of the themes in "launching" a Christmas decoration trends 2012, such as: Precious Jungle, Fantasy Forest, Glowing Desert, Gracious Coast, etc., which resume various expressions above.

Globally, there is one trend that remains popular in the year 2012 this is a trend that reflects the colors - the classic Christmas colors are: red, gold, green and white. Christmas decorations in the form of leaves spruce pine, cypress fruit (pine cone), balls - Christmas balls, kastuba flower (poinsettia), Christmas candles, etc.. The return of a classic Christmas trend is predicted to occur due to boredom after a few years the last expression with modern colors and themes and much of the colors of classic Christmas

Christmas trend 2012


Colours and themes are proven classic Christmas will last forever, right when dubbed as "timeless Christmas theme".

2013 Colour Trend

In the 2013 there are some trends that apply color all year round. Trend colors are applied in the world of interior design, furniture, etc., whose products are used throughout the year. Trend colors will be slightly different effect in the world of fashion and makeup, who knows the trend corresponding season (4 color trend of the year). Fashion design is to have the fastest movement rhythm than other design fields.

For the prevailing color trends throughout the year, there are 2 different color trends are:

  • Lemon sorbet (brownish yellow), is launched by a senior interior designer in the U.S. "Benjamin Moore". In the interior, the color will be a lot of color combined with mint, pink, blue, coral, and the color family of vanilla.

Lemon Sorbet 2013 Colour trend Lemon Sorbet 2013 Color Trend

  • Emerald Green (emerald green) is launched as 2013 colors by Pantone. Companies engaged in the field of color. These colors can be combined with a variety of colors including the lemon sorbet, tangerine, and a variety of other colors.

Emerald Green 2013 trend color Emerald Green tren color 2013

In the world of floral design, lemon sorbet colors derived from a variety of bright yellow flowers such as some types of lily, rose, tulip, carnation, gladiolus, and so on. Emerald green color more color derived from green leaves green leaves and slightly yellowish. Quite rare emerald green colored flowers. Product leaves, moss, etc. will predictably become more popular and consumers demand.

Written by Andy Djati Utomo - Indonesian Floral Design (