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Tropical Flower Arrangement


Indonesia is a tropical country with many types of plants that can not be found in subtropical countries. Some of the unique plants that actually became a favorite in the sub-tropical countries such as black orchid, heliconia, Indonesian wax ginger, Cordyline (Ti leaf), and so forth.

Tropical flower arrangement  Tropical Flower arrangement 

The picture below is one of the creation from member of Indonesian Flower Association that shows the kind of Indonesian culture and floriculture products.

Tropical flower arrangement

The colors of some typical Indonesian floriculture products are very attractive and when coupled together will be seen as a flower arrangements that give the impression of spirit. You can try to replace some non-tropical flowers and leaves like ivy, roses, lilies, and more with exotic flowers as part of a wonderful arrangement.

Tropical flowers and leaves also can be used to decorate the wedding and make your wedding memorable and unique wedding party and concept as the shows love for local products.