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Designing Green Open Space


In developing the green city, one of the attributes as focus of treatment is green open space. In addition to maintaining the green open spaces also need to be considered is to increase the number and the space of green open spaces. Some of the ways to increase green open space is the optimization of the city park and the planting of trees as a green belt.

Green City 


Taman kota


Planting locations known as design is also the essential things to concern before making of a city park or city green belt. Some of the things below is a guide to choose the location that affect the design of city park / green space.

  • Goals of Green Open Space

Goals in designing green open space is very vary, some of it are public park, conservation space for habitat or a particular organism. Based on the objectives, the plant used for green open space can be different, for example, trees that have too large canopy and many leaves are falling less precise when planted as a green belt on the edge of the road.

  • Other public Facilities

The selection of material (tress) should also consider the existence of other public facilities. Do not let the building of public facilities damaged by the roots of large trees that vines away from where its grew up. One bad example is planting a tree on the sidewalk (pedestrian) because it would interfere with the function of the sidewalks as public facilities

tree in the side road/pedestrian


  • Access

Access is also important thing to think in planning the green space or park. Access can be designed based on the goals that have been set. City park dedicated to the public must need ease to access, so its can function properly.

Compliance and consistency of the author and visitors green open space is needed to keep green open space and its functioning properly. In addition, consultation with crop consultants are also very important to make effective and efficient green open space as the lungs of the city.