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Interiorscaper, Reforming Room by Designing Plant


One of elements in developing green city is the increasing of green building located in one area in ​​the city. The important thing is that the construction of green buildings are set being eco-friendly building, energy efficient, and green materials (plants in it). In designing plants in a room or building, interiorscaper is the one that can give service.

Interiorscaper or Interiorlandscaper/plantdesigner/plantscaper is a professional designer with horticultural educational background, which has set up plants work well in a confined space in offices, malls, and homes that use a lot of water condition as a means of cooling the room.

interiorscape - edelweiss cantiqa interiorscape - edelweiss cantiqa interiorscape - edelweiss cantiqa

Interiorscaper responsible for the arrangement of plants in to avoid "Sick Building Syndrome". Based on research conducted by Dr. Virginia Lohr (Washington state University), ornamental plants increase worker productivity and reduce stress, strengthened also in research published in the "Journal of Environmental Horticulture", that worker productivity increased by 12% when working near the plant compared to the not adjacent to the plant.

As a plants stylist in room/building an interiorscaper certainly have the ability to design the placement of plants, determine the type and height, size and color to the pots, should also be able to place plants according to light conditions in the room and of course give a touch of aesthetic in the plant/its pot.

An interiorscaper will cooperate in teamworks that consisting of architects, interior designers, building management and other professionals both in renovation, as well as new projects that will be constructed in order to achieve a quality green building.



Interiorscaper also asked to make the installation in mall or hotel lobby where uses a lot of potted plants and flowers to decorate the area. In addition, this installation also can attract visitors (tenant) to come/visit. This is confirmed by research conducted by Kathleen L. Wolf, Ph.D. Center for Urban Horticulture University of Washington that state: “The existing plants in the shopping center location greatly affects the tendency for people to shop”

Green and design is very interesting. And this is called the multiplier effect that the green city will provide good benefits for welfare.

Writter by:

Lusi Ismail (Interiorscaper and Floral Designer from Edelweiss Cantiqa Lestari -