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Succulent From The World of Lembang


Succulents are plants with leaves and trunk which has a network to store water. Succulents are found in many steppe areas, semi-desert and desert, but succulent can afford adapt to tropical climates like Indonesia. Apart from types, colors and shapes diverse, succulents are in great demand ornamental plant lover because of its care not that difficult. During this pandemic the sale of crops increasing sharply is no exception with succulents. Increased demand for succulents in the country during the pandemic jumped by up to 500% and for overseas market demand is soaring up to 100%. The type that is in great demand by the market domestic are Echeveria, Ceropegia, Haworthia, Agave and Sansevieria. While for foreign markets is a type of echeveria mutation and Sansevieria. Palace of Cactus Flower, started export at 2015 with the aim of the Asian market primarily Korea, Thailand and China. As time went on the Cactus Flower Palace expand the market to various directions the world both Middle Eastern countries, America and Europe. Until now, more than 30 countries as the export destination.

Lembang farmers are very grateful for the plants mutation succulent from Lembang City very in demand by foreign markets, which until recently it has been successfully exporting to America, Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, Australia, South Korea, Philippines, Japan and Singapore. Since 2017 The Palace of the Cactus Flower embraces the few young exporters who are incorporated in an community namely Paguyuban Sukulen Lembang.