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Orchid Cultivation Cooperation Agreement in Indonesia


PT. Santini Mitra Amanah (Indonesia) with Alma Del Bosque (Colombia)

Orchid flower is a flower that has high value in the international world. however, currently it is still not exploited too much in Indonesia, so the potential for cultivating and marketing orchids in Indonesia is very large.

Originating from the love of orchids, in 2009 PT. Santini Mitra Amanah (PT. SMA) was founded by Mrs. Riantini S. Wanandi and Mrs. Hj. Mufidah Jusuf Kalla, with the aim that the company can produce superior seeds at affordable prices for farmers to be able to cultivate their own orchids. For more than 12 years PT. SMA has succeeded in cultivating orchids assisted by experts from several National Institutions such as LIPI, IPB, and also the Bogor Botanical Gardens.


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